Eco Trust And Bale Sampan Bungalows Biorock

Biorock technology is a new way of incorporating science, engineering and nature. Championed and created by the Gili Islands Eco Trust ( the community organisation that collects donations of divers ) these structures attempt to reverse the destruction we notice on our coral reefs. This damage can come from El Nino coral bleaching, storm and wave damage, careless diving practises, boats dropping anchors and even the massive schools of bumphead parrot fish that patrol the reefs feasting on coral and pooping out the fine sand that makes our much desired whte sand beaches.


Bale Sampan Bungalows has worked closely with the Gili Eco Trust over the years and as the location for some of the best snorkelling on Gili Trawangan we want to protect our coral reefs as much as possible and create a safe snorkelling area for our guests. In the last 3 years we have submerged 2 main Biorocks in front of Bale Sampan Bungalows. One is in the shape of a sampan (a small boat) and the other is an octopuss. These structures are essentialy metal cages acting as an anode. Nearby is a titanium cathode fed by an electrical charge from the Bale Sampan Cafe. This small charge creates an electrical field, undetectable by humans or fish, that stimulates the growth of calcium based coral onto the structures. This electrical charge is reported to increase natural growth rates by as much as 5 times. Healthy coral provides a home for small fish which in turn attracts bigger fish and a thriving underwater environment. This means we can have healthy reefs in a few years instead of decades. This growth can be spotted by the eagle-eyed by the small bubbles that are given off that indicate the structure is working and the coral is growing. As the diving on Gili Trawangan is such an essential part of the character of the island and the people who live here it is important that all the bungalows on Gili Trawangan keep giving back to the island and keeping  her beaches beautiful and her reefs healthy.